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Every new TPL home is covered by a 7-Year Atlantic Home Warranty.


The current edition of the National Building Code of Canada (NBC) serves as the minimum standard of construction for all registered Atlantic Home Warranty members. The document outlines minimum requirements for public health, fire safety and structural sufficiency with respect to the public interest. To provide an understanding of the NBC and its application to the design and construction of housing, all Members of Atlantic Home Warranty Program (AHWP) are required to complete training on Part 9 of the NBC (Housing and Small Buildings).

AHWP Construction Performance Guidelines is a guide prepared for use for all AHWP members. It was established to specify the minimum performance guidelines for the construction of homes, and used to set forth the basis for determining the validity of all homebuyer complaints related to defective materials and workmanship during the first year of ownership. In order to assist consumers, AHWP now offers their Construction Performance Guidelines online. Visit www.ahwp.org for more information. We encourage consumers to take a look at these guidelines if they have any concerns or questions.


After months of planning, your new home is no longer just a dream but a reality you can now enjoy. However, you are an essential tool in assuring that the quality of your home carries on through the years. Giving your home the necessary attention will help reduce preventable problems in the future, and save you from a burdened mind.

As a Homeowner, you should be aware that your home will require maintenance on your part to help protect your investment. Available with your warranty package is a booklet to help guide you through the necessary precautions to take in keeping your home in perfect condition.

The following are but a few of the many examples of how to protect your home:

  • Check your roof
  • Test your smoke detectors
  • Check your roof
  • Test your smoke detectors
  • Check sealing around windows and doors
  • Have humidifier, furnace, heat recovery ventilator (HRV) and water heater cleaned and serviced
  • Check your fireplace and chimney
  • Check and reset ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI)
  • Test your smoke detectors and exterior water lines
  • Check for excessive snow on roof
  • Clean furnace filter heat recovery ventilator (HRV) and humidifier
  • Check air ducts
  • Test your smoke detectors


Many homebuyers struggle with the decision to either hire a contractor, or take on the construction of the home themselves. However, there are many facts and questions you should consider before diving head first into your final decision. Do you have the precise technical training to oversee the development of the biggest investment you'll ever make?

Please know that when you choose to hire TPL to build your new home, as a Member of the Atlantic Home Warranty Program, peace of mind can be automatically gained from the day a deposit is made. Under the guidelines offered with AHWP, homebuyers have the assurance of a third party home-warranty protecting their biggest investment.


What if I buy or sell a home under warranty? ... A warranty from Atlantic Home Warranty is automatically transferable and increases the value of your home. The warranty stays with the house, not the owner. The new owners may contact Atlantic Home Warranty to determine the remaining length of warranty coverage.

What is NOT covered by my warranty? ... Like any contract, there are limitations to the coverage. Some of the exclusions are:

  • defects in materials, appliances, design and workmanship supplied by the purchaser;
  • defects resulting from improper maintenance on the part of the purchaser;
  • detached patios, detached garages and driveways;
  • well and septic systems; and
  • landscaping

Please contact Atlantic Home Warranty for complete details on coverage.


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